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CFT7 has a dual mandate of Entrepreneurship and Training and Employment. The two programs operate independently under separate funding arrangements with staff dedicated to each, however they also work collaboratively on projects and planning.


CFT7 is a leader in economic development and employment and training best practices, advising and collaborating with Treaty Seven First Nations and their members to build on collective and unique strengths and successes.


In the Employment and Training realm, CFT7 supports all First Nations individuals to obtain and maintain meaningful employment based on community needs through the provision of training in the Treaty Seven Catchment Area.

In the area of Entrepreneurship, CFT7 respects Treaty Seven cultural diversity autonomy while building the Treaty Seven Economy through community economic development and entrepreneur capacity building in order to assist and support Treaty Seven First Nations and their members towards economic success.


CFT7 respects cultural diversity and political autonomy of Treaty Seven First Nations.

News & Updates

  • COVID-19 Office Closures: In accordance with the Alberta Government recommendations, please be advised that due to the pandemic the CFT7 offices will be closed until further notice. Staff will be working remotely. Management will be closely monitoring the situation and updating as needed.

  • CFT7 Audited Financial Statements March 31, 2020: Download the PDF statement here.

  • New Website: The CFT7 website is currently being redeveloped so please bear with us as we prepare a better online experience.
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