The CFT7 Disability Employment Program works towards the increased employment inclusion of First Nations People with disabilities through innovation, community engagement, partnership development and capacity-building. CFT7 delivers culturally appropriate programs for persons with disabilities and those facing multiple barriers and residing in urban and rural areas within the Treaty Seven territory.

  • CFT7 continues to prioritize disability into their two mandates they work with - Labour market programs and business advisory services. To provide Indigenous Albertans with disabilities with the opportunity to learn about diversified employment opportunities throughout Alberta.
  • CFT7 is a leader in partnerships and collaboration with employers.
  • CFT7 will ensure to have the platform to develop meaningful conversations with the potential outcome that leads to employment.
  • On-going facilitation of meaningful employment opportunities for Indigenous persons with disabilities.
  • Collaborate and work with the Provincial and Federal Governments, First Nations, and Communities.
  • Facilitate meaningful discussions between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Albertans to create awareness around employment possibilities and Government of Alberta services.

Indigenous persons will be engaged in a meaningful way with Alberta’s business community.

This can support the development of new partnerships for both Indigenous communities and the business sector. On-going positive working relationships with the Treaty 7 employment centres to gain the capacity through training and community projects to ‘include’ their members with a disability into their own labour market programs. There is no ‘quick fix’ for effectively addressing the needs of this underemployed demographic and the mitigating factors are many. Success will only be realized through the effective delivery of quality supports to achieve sustainable meaningful employment - one person at a time. The most responsible and effective approach for funders to take is to base their service delivery agenda in best practices for the individuals being served and building the capacity of service providers to meet the needs of the clientele.

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