CFT7 Youth Labour Market Program

CFT7’s Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Program for Youth is designed to meet the career-launching needs of 15 to 30-year-old First Nation people living in Southern Alberta. CFT7 has targeted the urban ISET youth program funding towards career matching opportunities for post-secondary students.

CFT7 delivers the ISET youth program through the following:

Summer Student Wage Subsidies

Through the ISET program CFT7 provides a wage subsidy to employers that hire eligible post-secondary students through the Student & Employer Symposium.

Student Eligibility must meet the following criteria

Be enrolled in full-time studies, have Treaty Status from any First Nation in Canada, be unemployed, must NOT be receiving Employment Insurance benefits, and must attend the Student & Employer Symposium.

Employer Eligibility must meet the following criteria

All labour market sectors are eligible private, public and non-profit sectors. Employers should be located in Southern Alberta unless they are willing to provide “work at home” opportunities. Employers must attend the Student & Employer Symposium to access the wage subsidy program.

Student & Employer Symposium

Youth Employment Skills Strategy Program

In addition to the ISET program CFT7 has been awarded a Youth Employment Skills Strategy agreement with Service Canada to deliver a regional youth training program in Treaty 7. The CFT7 YESS program operates over a 3 year period ending March 31, 2023. There are 2 streams of programming within the CFT7 YESS program;

Skills Link

The project takes place on-reserve and also in Lethbridge by offering a 27 week intake that is comprised of 9 weeks of group-based workshops and is followed by a 18 week paid work experience placement. The 18 week work experience placement can take place on or off reserve and the projects are always looking for new employers. Employers supporting this program will receive a 18 week wage subsidy up to $15 per hour for the full 18 weeks. For more information on this program please contact Desiree Red Old Man at:

Long Term Work Experience

The long-term work experience placement program is targeted at First Nation youth age 15 to 30 years old that are not in school and are unemployed. CFT7’s YESS project will pay $15 per hour of wages to employers that hire youth for a 6 month period with the expectation of hiring those youth at the end of the 6-month wage subsidy. CFT7 is always looking for new employer partners. Interested employers can contact Herb Crowchild at:

Student Advisory Committee

CFT7’s Student Advisory Committee aims to reshape and raise awareness for the Community Futures Treaty Seven Program, with an emphasis on student job opportunities off-reserve.

Elder’s Advisory Committee

Employer Working Group

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