Collection and Development

Community Futures Treaty Seven (CFT7) has focused its resources on collection. This has been at the forefront of CFT7, as the financing of businesses relies heavily on the recycling of the money lent out, therefore recovering on delinquent loans has been a priority. To date the process has improved and money is being paid back. CFT7 continues to devote attention to ensuring that business development staff provide timely pre-care with financial management assistance, business plan development and consultations regarding loan financing. This has lead to an overall improvement in the relationships CFT7 has with its clients and resulted in a more positive perception of CFT7 in the community. CFT7 has also assisted clients with aftercare in marketing and financial controls.

Economic Impact

CFT7 continues to assist the Nations in Treaty Seven with their grant process, where before the deadline the First Nation has set for the grant CFT7 will go out to the communities and conduct a one to four-week entrepreneur training. Topics that generally get covered to assist the attendees prepare their business plans are:

Business Idea

Keys to Success
Doing Business On Reserve
Banking for your Business
Debt Management
Understanding Business

Business Plan Overview

Analysing your Business
Operations Management /Management Plan
SWOT Analysis
Risk Management
Business Model Canvas
Independent Contracting

Basics of Finance

Financial Statements
Basic Bookkeeping
Cash-flow Projections
Breakeven Analysis
Government Regulations
Marketing Plan
Target Market
Using the 4 P’s
Upon completion of the course, each individual receives a certificate of completion. CFT7 has assisted many of the members to complete their business plan for submission to those nations that have grants. There has been a continued increase of clientele utilizing the business development services of CFT7. Therefore, continued devotion of quality business assistance in pre and after care to Treaty Seven members has increased. Emphasis is on expanding our services to entrepreneurs in mentoring and aftercare, during the application and monitoring of the clients’ loans. As part of the mentoring of our loan service, the CFT7 provides advice to borrowers on obtaining additional funding to aid in acquiring or leveraging financial assistance from other institutional lenders. The aftercare service that is being offered has strengthened the CFT7’s ability to carry success rates. To date we have successfully assisted over 4,700 clients in various stages of development in First Nations Economic Development, training, and education.

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