CFT7’s General Labour Market Program provides financial support to the Four Urban Indigenous Employment Centres as well as other Projects designed toward obtaining and maintaining employment or self-employment ultimately leading to economic independence.
Indigenous Urban Employment Centres
Client Programs

Employment Centres

  • The four Urban Employment Centres are the first point of contact for clients to access employment services.
  • All First Nation individuals residing in the urban areas within Treaty Seven are eligible to utilize services by completing a client registration form regardless of which treaty area they are from in Canada.
  • Programming is designed for both self-service clients and clients who require employment assistance.

Job Ready/Self-Serve Clients will have access to:

  • Computer, Fax, Telephone and photocopier
  • Career/Resource Centre
  • Community Services Information
  • Funding/grants/bursary information
  • Resume/cover letter information
  • Self-help handouts, i.e., job interviews, job planners, interviewing tips
  • Job Postings

Employment Assisted Services - Clients requiring employment assistance will have access to:

  • One-on-one Career Counselling Services
  • An employability assessment 
  • Employment counselling 
  • Specialized employability assessments (or referrals provided)

Projects & Workshops Offered by the Employment Centre's may include the following:

  • Resume Writing Workshop
  • Job Finding Club
  • Self-Employment Workshops
  • Information Sessions

Indigenous Urban Employment Centres

Calgary - Aboriginal Futures Career and Training Centre (AFC&TC)

(403) 253-5311

AFC&TC has been providing employment and training services to clients who live in Calgary and the surrounding area on behalf of CFT7 since 2000.  CFT7 is the Sole Shareholder of AFC&TC.  

In 2008, the Province of Alberta became a funding partner and has since provided support to AFC&TC under different funding arrangements.   

AFC&TC offers various in-house training programs such as The Indigenous Workplace Wellness Circle and Job Club. Please see their website for a full array of services offered. 


Medicine Hat and Lethbridge - SAAMIS Aboriginal Employment and Training Association

Medicine Hat: (403) 504-4056
Lethbridge: (403) 320-7699

Saamis Aboriginal Employment & Training Association (SETA) has been successfully supporting the Indigenous communities of Medicine Hat and Lethbridge since 1998. In partnership with Community Futures Treaty 7 and Alberta Community & Social Development both SETA locations provide training for employment opportunities; Career Counseling and Job placement services which include a resume/cover letter development, community/employer referrals, targeted wage subsidies, communication/conflict resolution which assists our clientele entering or reentering the labor market. 

Along with providing job placement services, SETA can assist clients in accessing funding through CFT7. This funding can assist with the last year of post-secondary education, trades, or safety ticket training. Our goal is to ensure that all First Nations, Metis, and Inuit (FNMI) people achieve employment self-sufficiency by working in collaboration with our community and external partners.


City of Red Deer

1 (888) 504-4056
Due to Covid 19, services are currently being offered remotely by SAAMIS Aboriginal Employment & Training Association.

Client Programs

Individual Funding

Community Futures Treaty Seven assists individuals with skills development by providing financial assistance for training. Training must be accredited or recognized by employers that provide job-related skills for specific occupation requirements. The Individual Funding Program gives students the opportunity to achieve the necessary skills to maintain long-term sustainable employment. Financial assistance includes but is not limited to is the following: tuition, fees, textbooks, and a monthly living allowance. Eligible training programs include short-term safety ticket certification, apprenticeship training, certificate programs, the final year of diploma, or final year of an undergraduate degree program.

To apply for funding, contact your nearest Urban Indigenous Employment Centre and make an appointment with a Career Counsellor.

Targeted Wage Subsidy (TWS)

The Targeted Wage Subsidy Program provides financial support to employers who hire First Nations individuals who lack work experience/skills required for the job and are therefore unable to compete for the job.

The objective is for clients to become employed full-time, the TWS is offered on the premise that the client will remain hired in a full-time position once the subsidy expires unless the person hired has disclosed a disability in which case the job can be part-time.

Apprenticeship Training is not eligible for the wage subsidy program because apprenticeships are designed as on-the-job training while moving toward journeyman status.

Employee/Client Eligibility

  • Be unemployed.
  • Possess marketable employment skills but has been unsuccessful in obtaining employment due to lack of work experience.
  • Must be able to work full-time.
  • Persons with Disabilities are eligible for part-time positions.

Employer Eligibility

  • Must agree to provide work experience to eligible individuals who would not ordinarily be considered for employment in the absence of a wage subsidy.
  • Must provide work experience with the intent to hire the individual on a full-time basis upon TWS completion.
  • The employer must not lay off an existing position in order to hire a new person in the same position under the TWS Program.
  • Employers cannot hire immediate family members.


Typically, a wage subsidy cannot exceed 12 weeks in duration (three months). However, the length of time the wage subsidy provided is dependent on the needs of the individual and the employer. The length of time will be negotiated and will be based on the amount of time an individual will need to be trained for the job.

Funding Assistance

Employers will be reimbursed for a percentage of wages on a monthly basis. The maximum subsidy portion that CFT7 will approve is either $10.00 per hour or 50% of the wages, whichever is the lesser amount. Employers must demonstrate the ability to continue employment beyond the term of the TWS.


Employers can apply to participate in the Wage Subsidy Program by filling out an Employer Wage Subsidy Application form. The Wage Subsidy Application form can be requested from one of our Urban Indigenous Employment Centres. Once the client has been matched with an eligible employee, the Career Counsellor from the Urban Indigenous Employment Centre will forward an application package to CFT7 for a funding decision.

TWS Agreement

Upon approval, a TWS Agreement will be signed between CFT7 and the Employer. Once the employee commences employment, the employer will be reimbursed for wages on a monthly basis.


The overall objective is for CFT7 to work with partners to support long-term employment development by supporting projects that respond to the needs of unemployed individuals and to local priorities.

CFT7 assists unemployed individuals to obtain employment through supporting work experience activities and labour market development projects that are connected directly with local economic development plans without duplicating services.


Trade Winds to Success

Trade Winds to Success is a Pre-Apprenticeship Training Project that was formed in 2005 with the goal of increasing the number of Indigenous people training and apprenticing in the construction trades. More than 2,300 Trade Winds clients have participated in the program.

Current Member Organizations include Community Futures Treaty Seven, Oteenow Employment and Training Society, Metis Nation of Alberta, Pipe Trades Training Trust Fund, and the Millwrights Training Trust Fund. Each member organization appoints an individual to the TWTS Board of Directors.

Union Partners: Alberta Labourer's Training Trust Fund – LiUNA – Local 92, Boiler’s Training Trust Fund – Local 146, Carpenters Training Trust Fund – Local 1325 & 2103, Electrician’s training Trust Fund IBEW 424, Ironworkers Training Trust Fund – Local 720 & 725, Millwrights Training Trust Fund, Local 1460 and Plumbers/Pipefitters Training Trust Fund – Local 488 & 496.

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